EA Power Solutions (EA) is an elite energy management firm that specializes in increasing operating margins by reducing energy expenditures through advanced engineering methodologies and software technologies.  Our strength in numbers makes us an effective energy broker that can negotiate competitive energy buying opportunities and proactively provide advocacy services that impact the financial interest of our clients.  EA Power Solutions provides our clients  with sound information on U.S. and global energy issues and correlates that information into strategic insights that respond to ever evolving energy markets. We are a leading energy consultant, trusted by many of the world's top tier Fortune 500 companies, in providing this unique  and specialized service.


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With over a quarter century of continuous excellence, EA has provided energy consultant services distinguished by superior quality and enduring value.  We continue to raise the bar in our service with one goal in mind, results.  Our leading edge engineering methods, energy consultant practices and advanced software technologies produce high performing, efficient assessments that generate maximum returns for our clients.