Who We Are
As an energy manager, broker, and consultant EA concentrates on five areas: Electricity, Natural Gas/Fuels and Water/Sewer.  We ensure that your energy bills are accurate, advise you of lower cost alternatives, analyze your distribution scheme, obtain refunds or credits for the frequent errors that occur on your bills and assist you in managing your enrgy assets.

EA continuously engages in advocacy issues that have long term effects on our clients energy expenditures.  These efforts include advocating for fair and equitable utility rates, competitive energy markets, government policy changes, public awareness and perception, etc.

EA Power Solutions is also an energy broker that provides procurement support and, based on our extensive knowledge of energy markets, develops comprehensive strategies in the acquisition of these commodities. In addition, we educate our clients in energy management procedures and teach them how to conduct internal audits of their energy assets. In regulated markets, we work strictly on a contingency basis and in deregulated markets are compensated primarily through suppliers. As a consequent (and in light of our value added services), our services will definitively provide value to your company. If you currently have a department that provides this detailed service then we can, with an outside view, offer a valuable supplemental service to these existing energy related services or departments.

"A survey conducted by the House Ways and Means Committee illustrated that utility companies overbilled $19 billion in energy charges on incorrect taxes alone. These same utilities are so rich with cash that they are buying such businesses as golf courses, recording studios and even a drug store chain." 

- Former Rep. Robert T. Matsui (D. - CA) House Ways & Means Committee



Our staff will analyze your energy accounts (including distribution scheme) in search of past and current anomalies. We will then work with your energy companies to obtain refunds or credits for these anomalies. Please note that the level of skill required of our engineers and energy consultants is uncompromising and unequaled in this specialized field.

Through our analysis, we will explore ways to reduce your future energy expenditures and will guarantee that your company receives all the incentives and concessions to which it is entitled. We will maximize these savings by way of distribution scheme analysis, negotiated settlements, engineering studies, billing analysis, procurement consulting, etc. Again, all savings are tangible and go straight to your company’s bottom line.

"Rather than getting better as a result of computerization, utility bills seem to be getting worse. They are indecipherable, lack itemization, contain inflated or phony charges, and cost customers billions of dollars a year" 
- Ralph Nader 

Engineering Methodology

EA's energy consultants will analyze your bills for overcharges, errors, and discrepancies as a result of technological equipment failures, human billing or evaluation errors, incorrectly calculated bills, distribution scheme anomalies, etc.

We will conduct a detailed analysis on all energy accounts taking into consideration each utilities rates, riders, regulations, addendums, special clauses, waivers, etc.  With our vast experience we are able to cite specific examples of established precedent which is vital in discovering and articulating to energy companies anomalies that have occurred and to establish recourse for these anomalies.

For over a quarter century EA has developed highly sought after proprietary (copyrighted) software programs that are instrumental in discovering and implementing the millions of dollars in refunds and savings achieved for our clients. With these sophisticated computer programs, we will conduct a comparative analysis of your energy data. With the many clients in our database, we compare your cost with those of others whose usage patterns and operations are similar to yours, but who may be paying less. An engineer will then review this information to decide on the best course of action. We then negotiate with your energy companies, using this data, to obtain refunds and savings. This is a key factor in detecting errors and overcharges because it is virtually impossible for any individual company to know another users cost, usage patterns and operations to compare with his own.

One variable alone may not accentuate an anomaly or error in billing.  However, similar to putting a puzzle together, multiple variables working in conjunction with one another will highlight an error or anomaly.  Putting this puzzle together requires skill and experience which EA has acquired over the past quarter century.

"You do not have to be a non-profit business to be eligible for tax exempt status.  Many commercial and industrial businesses are eligible for significant tax breaks, and your company might be one of them...." 

- The Wall Street Journal




We will not limit our analysis to past and current aspects of your billings, but will analyze it with an eye for the future. With the gas industry already deregulated (referred to as "Customer Choice") and the electric industry either deregulated or fast approaching deregulation we will conduct our analysis and make our recommendations based on the intricacies involved in the procurement of these commodities in a competitive environment. Customer Choice has created new opportunities for your company, but has also created many new responsibilities. Creating a department that can manage these new responsibilities will require Time, Money, Risk, and Workforce. We can provide that service now and in the future at no Risk or Expense on your part. It is imperative that you prepare your facility now in order to immediately take advantage of the opportunities arising from competition in the electric and gas industries. Our analysis will focus on how to best prepare your organization for these opportunities.

Keep in mind that price advantages go to the companies with the most experience in buying energy commodities. As a leader in energy deregulation and as an experienced - registered - aggregator, with over a quarter century of experience in this field, we provide that expertise.

As an energy broker EA will submit and negotiate offers with electric, natural gas and other fuel suppliers. These offers will be based on the most economical method to purchase these commodities.

We will provide in depth explanations of our commodity pricing negotiations. As a result, your staff will become educated in the intricacies of commodity purchasing strategies and procedures. The knowledge that we impart on your personnel is an integral part of the value we provide.

As a part of our long term services we will continue to guide your company and monitor market prices, conditions and anomalies to determine short, mid and long term pricing opportunities. We will also research and compare all potential suppliers in terms of competitive pricing, quality of service, reliability, value added services and intangibles.

EA Power Solutions also operates as an energy broker that integrates multiple accounts into purchasing pools for the purpose of securing competitive power prices.  These large aggregated pools allow us to achieve economy of scale and to structure our loads into high load factor (LF) groups, which provide us with greater leverage and purchasing power in negotiations with suppliers.  In addition, these large pools allow us to receive volume discounts which approximate wholesale pricing.  It also attracts competing suppliers which creates a competitive bid process that benefits all the members of our aggregated group who have us as their energy broker.

Load Factor (LF) is a measurement of the efficiency with which electrical energy is being used.  A good load factor (the higher the better) implies a more constant rate of electrical usage.  An example of a high LF consumer would be a facility that operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  A perfect LF (i.e. 100% LF) would be depicted as a straight line on a graph, whereas a poor LF (i.e. 15% LF) would look more like a roller coaster with large peaks and valleys.  A high LF allows a supplier to more easily predict when and how much power to dispatch and thus rewards these loads with premium pricing.  In contrast, a low LF will require suppliers to have excess capacity (ie. peaking generation plants) available during the unexpected peaks and must resell unused power during random down times (ie. valleys).  With our vastly diversified loads, EA Power can manipulate these loads to fill in the peaks and valleys and thus shape the LF into a highly attractive and predictable load.

In addition, our knowledge of the industry (over a quarter century of experience) allows us to forecast pricing effectively and to structure pricing models in an efficient manner (ie. through price hedging, index pricing, firm pricing - when competitive, etc.) and thus allows us to provide our clients with the best prices available.  We also provide performance reports which depict our market success, a comparative analysis of supplier pricing versus your incumbent utility company pricing, a comparative analysis of various EA Power pricing models (proposed versus accepted), etc..

For these reasons - and more – our services achieve more competitive pricing than would be achieved independently.

"Another big source of problems is utilities. Their use of such arcane terms as 'electric fuel adjustment', 'meter multipliers', and 'therms' confuses many customers." 

- Philadelphia Inquirer

Long Term Relationships

EA seeks long term relationships that build a foundation upon which your facilities can rely for professional advice. The knowledge we impart on your personnel, as well as our continual support, is an integral part of the value we provide.  

"EA's Superior Quality - Mandated And Achieved Through Long Term Relationships - will focus on quality rather than quantity.  Our mandate provides a level of thoroughness that enhances the probability of remuneration for our clients. Therefore, with our services in high demand, this mandate provides our clients with an assurance of unequivocal quality. As an intended consequence, our firm strives to establish long term relationships with our clients. This quality over quantity formula has created great success for our company and accounts for our longevity." 

- EA Power Solutions

Value Added Services

We educate your company in the intricacies of the energy industry including industry terminology and procedures, operations, and specific tactics used in transacting business with energy and commodity brokers/suppliers (within these industries). These tactics will save time and money.

Our engineers will provide long term consulting services (at no charge) to include (but not limited to) installation of new infrastructure, upgrades to your facility or equipment and advice on new programs offered by energy companies in order to promote energy conservation and reduce costs. We will introduce you to high level contacts, within your energy companies, as we proceed with our analysis. These are not standard customer service representatives but engineers and executives who have the ability to expedite the above mentioned tasks more efficiently.

Our engineers will identify areas where energy conservation steps may be beneficial. Although we do not provide energy conservation equipment, we will identify these areas and submit a recommendation on how to tackle these findings.

Structure your facilities to maximize savings in your current environment and to provide leverage in obtaining competitive pricing in Customer Choice markets.

Provide twelve (12) month budget estimates of your energy accounts.

Periodically release energy reports that keep our clients abreast of changing conditions (global, national and local) in the energy markets. These informative reports assist our clients in proactively budgeting for impending increases or decreases in energy costs and alerts them to energy conservation opportunities.

EA's "Value Added Services" - Guarantees Value 

EA's success and longevity, over the past 25 years, is not solely defined by savings and refunds obtained for its clients, but also by "value added services". Regardless of the remunerating effects of our service, this secondary element guarantees our clients value (not just in the short term, but the long term). This essential feature has contributed significantly to our company’s achievements and is what sets us apart.